15713 Highway 47, Yamhill, Oregon 97148 ... email kookoolan@gmail.com ... phone Farmer Chrissie at (503) 730-7535
organic farming practices ... pasture-raised poultry, meats, and eggs ... mead and kombucha

Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine mentions Kookoolan Farms cheesemaking classes on page 188 of the Summer 2012 issue, as part of a larger article on Alternative Ideas for Bridal Showers.  We agree with Martha that a cheesemaking class at Kookoolan Farms is a great way to have fun with friends!

Chrissie was a guest on Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Think Out Loud" radio program, Monday May 7th, 2012, 9am (Pacific time). The topic is raw milk. podcasts are available afterward for those of you out of town or busy at 9am.

Food and Wine Magazine, May 2010, named Kookoolan Farms cheesemaking school one of "100 Best New Food and Drink Experiences" in an amazing worldwide list spanning every major metropolitan center on the globe, including Yamhill, Oregon!  We're on page 80, ranked #68.  Alain Ducasse's cooking school in Paris, France, ranked #69!

Please take a moment to enjoy this gorgeous VIDEO produced by the Oregon Tourism Commission.  Famous Portland chef Cathy Whims of Nostrana came out to Kookoolan Farms on her day off to make cheese and coeur a la creme desserts with farmer Chrissie!

"Portland Monthly" magazine has just published its annual October Wine Country issue.  This year they've created several weekend getaway itineraries, depending on your travel preference.  If you're a Foodie, then you'll see that one of the recommendations is coming to Kookoolan Farms!

The New England Cheesemaking Supply Company (Boston, Massachusetts) blogged about our operation.  We re-sell their products in our farmstore. 
http://cheesemakinghelp.blogspot.com  (Oct 3, 2010)

SecondAct, a website about your "second act" (i.e., after age 40), profiled the change Chrissie and Koorosh made from engineering to farming, June 2010.

Sally Murdock just mentioned us in her Southwest Portland Parenting column for Portland's examiner.com! (May 2010)

Willamette Living Magazine, May 24, 2010, edited and re-ran Chrissie's May Newsletter/Essay.  It looks way better here, and benefitting enormously from Scott Alexander's expert editing!

KBOO radio interview:  Miriam Widmer will interview Farmer Chrissie on the topic of Making Cheese at Home, Wednesday, May 19, 11am to noon, www.kboo.com or Portland: 90.7 fm | Corvallis: 100.7 fm | Columbia Gorge: 91.9 fm

Portland's Neighborhood Notes site, feature article "A Love Affair With (Locally Raised) Meat:  Buying, Cooking and Butchering it in Portland"
by Martha Wagner, May 3, 2010 (the tall guy next to Chrissie with his hand in the cash box is Chrissie's middle son David, who graduates from Portland State University in June 2010): 

Primal Body/Primal Mind Radio interview with Nora Gedgoudas, April 2010, “What it Takes to Make REAL Food,” http://www.voiceamerica.com/voiceamerica/vepisode.aspx?aid=45544

Portland Monthly Magazine ran a nice photo of Chrissie and Liam in the March 2010 issue, next to a feature article "Ranch to Table: Immediacy makes the heart grow fonder when you buy your meat from local farms.

Alyss Broderick's homeschool high school veterinary science class visited:

Culture Magazine http://www.culturecheesemag.com/ is a new magazine devoted to American artisinal cheese, and Kookoolan Farms' cheesemaking classes are featured on page 14 of the June 2009 issue!

Tim O'Hearn, owner of Portland luxury linen purveyor French Quarter Linens, wrote about us on his blog.

Liz Crain
 is a local Portland food writer and contributor to Edible Portland.  She attended one of our cheesemaking classes in April 2009 and wrote about it.


KBOO Radio Interview, April 2008, on “Eggs from Free-Ranged, Pasture-Fed Hens,” http://kboo.fm/node/7344

Kathleen Bauer's blog GoodStuffNW is a great place to find all kinds of amazing food news.  Kathleen has also attended one of our cheesemaking classes, and wrote the front-page FoodDay feature article about Kookoolan Farms for the Oregonian in October 2007.

YES! Magazine featured one of our Nubian dairy goats in a quote page http://www.yesmagazine.org/article.asp?id=3275 published in Spring 2009.  This image is available as a downloadable poster.

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